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Why Have Your Child Assessed?

At Kip McGrath Wembley we offer a free assessment because we know that no two students learn the same. We recognise and embrace individuality; every child has a different approach to learning and faces their own unique challenges in their schooling. Don't let your child struggle any further - invest in your child's future and have no regrets.

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At our free assessment, we will review in detail your child's reading, comprehension, spelling, writing and maths. This comprehensive assessment is our way of finding out how your child is currently performing in school and which topic areas they are struggling on. Whether it is difficulty in creative writing, or getting to grips with fractions, we are here to help and transform lives. Our system works equally well for students that are excelling and need to be stretched further. The assessment can last up to forty minutes at the end of which we will feedback the results directly to you. Regardless of whether you enrol , this is an invaluable report, which you would have to pay hundreds if you were to have this formally tested, available at your fingertips for free. We often find that parents have one idea of how their child is performing before the assessment but a completely different set of results end up being presented to them afterwards.

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After the Assessment

After the assessment we will discuss common goals and objectives for your child and we will look to chart out a tailor made programme specific to your child's needs. This is something that not many other tuition providers offer. We have the resources and infrastructure available to us to map out a learning journey specific to your child which has been acquired through 36 successful years of helping children, just like yours, through our proven , tried & tested system.

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