Muneeb Asghar

Muneeb is the Centre Director and a passionate Kip McGrath qualified teacher. In 2005, he was integral in the setting up of the Community Education Trust in Berkshire which helps young underprivileged children with free private English, Maths & Science tutoring. The project was initially aimed at helping these students to prepare for the highly competitive the 11+ entry examinations. In their first year, with only fifteen students, two went on to attend the highly prestigious Reading & Kendrick grammar schools. The CET now helps 200 children (with a waiting list of 50), extending its offering from 11+ through to GCSE.

This project would later prove to be pivotal when he decided to depart from a successful career in finance to set up a Kip McGrath Education Centre in Wembley.

Muneeb strongly affirms that positive role models in your childhood will help to successfully shape your journey ahead, both personally and professionally. Having the opportunity with Kip McGrath to serve as a role model appealed as a worthy endeavour . In the Kip McGrath Education Centres he saw how happy and engaged these students were in their lessons. But more importantly he experienced the positive impact the teachers were making in the lives of these students. Students that were previously low in confidence and struggling academically were now full of vigour and enthusiasm. Even top students were making further leaps forward. It was after seeing this he knew he wanted to part of the Kip McGrath family, and has never looked back since!

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