Why Kip McGrath Maths tutoring works

At our free Maths assessment session we’ll spend time listening to your child and going over which particular areas they are having difficulty with. We will then, over the course of several weeks or months, find fun and challenging ways for them to understand and overcome these numerical difficulties.

We are proud to be able to say that we have helped thousands of pupils sail through a subject which months previously was baffling to them.

The Kip McGrath teaching techniques

Our teaching is a combination of a number of proven teaching methods such as one on one tutoring, computer exercises, educational games, worksheets, home learning, assessments (including mock exams using authentic past papers) and detailed verbal feedback.

What’s important in our teaching, we believe, is that we make sure pupils learn the basics before moving on. For instance, we wouldn’t move on to percentages until your child learned how to work out fractions. And this, we believe, is why many pupils fall behind in Maths in school – because the teacher has moved on to the next stage of the curriculum without the pupil understanding the basics. As a result the child has very little hope of understanding the new concept.

Sometimes too, understanding Maths is just having the problem presented in a completely different way – one which makes sense to that particular pupil and is a concept they find easier to grasp. This could mean breaking down the problem into tiny parts, or using analogies. It’s all about understanding why they’re doing a particular Maths problem in the first place (ie how it relates to ‘real life’) as well as how to do it.

Maths tutoring for all ages and abilities

There are times when pupils may have the opposite problem; when they find they’re not being challenged enough in Maths class. Then boredom can set in and classes get skipped. Obviously this isn’t ideal either.

Kip McGrath tutors can also help in this type of scenario by providing lessons which are challenging and aimed at reigniting your child’s enthusiasm for the subject.

For more information on our Maths tutoring why not call or pop into the Centre and speak to one of our tutoring team? We’ll be only too happy to answer any questions you might have.