Customised programmes

Regardless of your child’s age, whether rimary or of secondary school age, every prospective pupil who comes to our centre is assessed (at no extra cost) on an individual basis. Doing so allows our tutors to target which particular component area of English that child most needs help with.

It could be an emphasis on spelling or vocabulary for instance, or purely essay writing. The lessons will be tailored specifically to that particular child with focus on the areas where they perform poorest. As a result your child should, as the weeks go on, gain a rounded ability in English and, of course, more enjoyment in the subject.

As well as being able to provide individualised solutions for pupils, Kip McGrath is proud of its high calibre of teaching staff. When it comes to GCSE exam teaching, every tutor at the centre is well-versed in helping students pass the exam. Most of them have been assisting students in this capacity for years, by providing constant and targeted feedback.

Innovative teaching methods

Teaching at Kip McGrath is made more interesting for pupils by introducing them to a variety of teaching methods such as one on one communication between student and tutor, independent computer learning, worksheets, marked assessments with detailed feedback and even re-assessments.

All age groups and abilities

When it comes to reading with younger pupils, we believe in starting off your child at whatever level they feel most comfortable (rather than adhering to the government’s stipulated level for particular age groups). This way we get the pleasure of watching a child gain the confidence to move up levels quickly and in a relaxed manner. Young children tend to be taught to read utilising a combination of phonics and sight word recognition.

Whatever your reasons for bringing your child along to our Centre for English lessons – whether it’s for additional tuition to pass an exam, help to catch up with their peer group or simply to undertake extra lessons because they enjoy the subject, you are always welcome to come along and have a chat with our staff. They will be happy to provide more information and show you around the Centre and its facilities.