Getting to grips with the 11+ at Kip McGrath

In most villages, towns and cities in the UK today the 11+ exam is an extremely hotly-contested area – to the extent that for some households the exam can be as monumental and as big a dread for parents as it is for pupils. But it needn’t be that way. Not with the confidence and abilities that our 11+ preparation courses can instil in your child.

But how can you be sure your child will get the most from his or her extra tuition time here at Kip McGrath? You can’t be 100 per cent certain of course but you can take a look at our track record, as well as the numerous testimonies from delighted parents.

Why we excel in lesson planning

You can also take heart from the fact that every single one of our lessons are designed to be interesting, fun and challenging for the pupils who are working their way through them. We aim to inspire your child so that they look forward to learning. Not only that but we will carefully pinpoint exactly where your child is having particular difficulties and make sure the lessons are tailored to tackle these areas.

One of our strengths here at Kip McGrath is the fact that we are able to personalise lessons for each pupil. We know how to do this by insisting each potential pupil and their parent/s attend a 60 minute meeting to allow us to assess the child’s abilities. As well as allowing us to see your child’s strengths and weaknesses, this time together can also enable us to determine how best to proceed with the most suitable teaching methods.

The assessment will look at:

  • English (literacy ie reading and spelling)
  • Maths (numbers)
  • Overall knowledge for 11+

During this time we will also advise you on the subjects your child should currently be studying in order to be informed enough to pass their 11+ exam. We will then go on to explain how we teach at Kip McGrath and invite you to ask any questions you yourself might be keen to ask us.

Our teaching techniques

In addition to having lessons tailored towards their individual needs, all pupils on a Kip McGrath course will receive one to one meetings with their tutor as well as computer software programmes, workbooks and simulated exam conditions. We can even help you as a parent, work your way through the daunting 11+ school application process.

What we aim to achieve for your child with 11+ teaching

  • To furnish them with a reading and writing age two years in advance of what is expected.
  • For them to develop skills in not just English and Maths but also reasoning and other cognitive skills
  • To be able to achieve high marks on past 11+ exam papers by answering questions both quickly and accurately
  • To help guide your child through their 11+ exam from Year 5 if possible

Find out further information on 11+ coaching by having a chat with one of our tutors tel: XXXXXXX