Deliver an Exceptional Service

At Kip McGrath Wembley we value the importance of each student’s journey. We feel extremely privileged when a parent enlists our trust to help their child in their education. Because of this, we endeavor to go above and beyond and going the extra mile in delivering an exceptional level of service to our students and parents.

Respect Each Person as an Individual

Whether we are talking about students or co-workers, respecting individuality is a core value to Kip McGrath Wembley. We recognise that each child is at a different stage and learns in different ways. That is why our individual programmes are so important, because we do not adopt a one size fits all approach.

Innovate don’t Imitate

Kip McGrath values itself as an innovative provider of education content. We are continually investing in our IT infrastructure to remain market leaders in learning. We expect our teachers to think outside the box too, in providing the best learning experience to our valuable students.

Muneeb AsgharOur Core Values